Fall is here

It’s only been fall for about two weeks now and the change of season has already become quite apparent. Driving through the rolling hills of Caledon I can’t help but stare in awe at the beautiful scenery that surrounds me.

The amazing colours of fall are not the only reason this is my favourite season. October is just another month on the calendar to the average person…but to us hockey fans ‘Hocktober’ is when Christmas comes early.

The NHL season has already begun with the Carolina Hurricanes defeating the Minnesota Wild 4-3 in an afternoon match up on opening day.

Ex Hab Guillaume Latendresse ended up being a trending topic on twitter today thanks to his goal in the first period that marked the first NHL goal of the 2010-11 season. That will also probably be the last time Latendresse ends up as a trending topic. Sorry pal.

The Glorious Habs are in Toronto this evening looking to crush the Make Me Laughs on home ice. The Leafs are only one colour away from being the Canadiens…a colour they can add to their jerseys tonight; Red. The colour of blood. Les Canadiens will turn those Blue and Whites into Bleu Blanc Rouge in no time.

Unfortunately the Habs will be without power forward Mike Cammalleri who is serving a suspension.

If tonight goes anything like last year’s season opener (Canadiens beat the Leafs 4-3 in Overtime at the ACC) the city of Montreal will be smiling tomorrow morning.

If the Leafs win tonight you can bet a bunch of their “loyal” fans* will start planning the Stanley Cup parade route.


*I say ‘loyal’ fans because almost everyone knows that most of these so called Leaf fans only emerge from the closet when the Buds are doing good and run quickly back into hiding the second anything goes wrong.


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