Habsolute bust in home opener

Let me begin by first admitting that I was a Price nay-sayer when the unthinkable happened- Halak was traded to the St Louis Blues for a player I had never even heard of.

Dont get me wrong Carey Price is a great goaltender and he’s still very young and has a lot to learn.

I was however worried that the pressure of being a Hab would get to him and he wouldn’t be able to perform.

After tonight’s home opener against the Tampa Bay Lightning my Price worries are starting to fade.

Tonight the Price was right! The rest of the team? Let’s just say we’re still playing hide-and-go-seek.

I didn’t see the first period of the game so I can’t speak to that. I do know that in the last 40 minutes of the game the Bleu, Blanc, Rouge forgot to come back on the ice after that first period intermission.

Time and time again Price stood on his head putting up a wall against the likes of Vinny Lecavalier, Martin St. Louis and Steve Stamkos but no one was there to help him out.

Les Canadiens were outshot 44-26 going into over time… That’s right Price made 41 saves to make sure the Habs took home a point tonight.

PK Subban… I think I know what the PK stands for now; Penalty Kill. You can’t blame the refs for that call but it was definitely the weakest, most unnecessary slashing penalty I’ve seen a guy take in a long time. Subban’s rookie error put the Canadies on the PK for the remainder of the game with only a one goal lead.

Vinny Lecavalier made sure to take advantage on that mistake when he was left alone to fake the shot and send a nifty pass to Stamkos (who might I add was also left alone, in front, in the slot) who sent the one timer into the net to send the game into O.T.

The Habs misery continued there as they collapsed yet again leaving Price to fend for himself. He managed to keep the first few shots at bay but was finally beaten.

Any ‘habs’ fan who booed Price tonight deserves a slap in the face. Any fan who booed those refs and threw debris on the ice needs to relax, take a step back and realize that the refs did not, I repeat DID NOT do this to the Canadiens.

They did it to themselves.

End of discussion.


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