By the numbers

A few days ago an interesting stat came out: When Scott Gomez plays more than 18:40, the Montreal Canadiens are 1-6-0. When he plays 18:39 or less, Habs are 12-1-1.

Last night the Canadiens defeated the Los Angeles Kings 4-1…Gomez’s time on the ice? 18:05.

While the stat is still holding true, you’ve got to give the guy some credit for last night’s game (or maybe Kirk Muller since that’s who Gomez thanked for his perfomance). Gomez was credited with a goal in the first period, something he hasn’t been able to do much of this season. Yet, he skated over to the refs and told them he did not even touch the puck, so the goal was rightfully given to Cammalleri.

In a league where everyone is so hyped up about getting points, it takes a lot of class to admit you didn’t score a goal. Especially after being booed by fans for having a rough start to the season (in 22 games played he only has seven points).

The good news is, Gomez seems to have a rough start in every season (except his rookie season). Last season he had 59 points in 78 games, 41 of those points coming in his last 44 games. So for now, let’s cut the guy some slack, keep his ice time below 18:40 and wait for the last 40 games of the season to come around….Scott Gomez will be back.

Last night marked one of the first games in a while that Carey Price was not named one of the three stars of the game. It’s not that he didn’t deserve it, because he definitely did, but Cammalleri, Eller and AK46 also deserved them too.

Price has been absolutely outstanding this season, even when the Canadiens didn’t stand tall in front of him.

Last season in 41 games Price only had 13 wins. This season is just 21 games he’s already reached that mark. He is ranked first amongst NHL goalies for the number of games played, number of wins, and number of shut outs (4).

The Habs are 13-7-1 with Price in net. The only game of the season he didn’t play they also won.

At the start of the season the Canadiens really struggled on the power play, now they are 18th in the league (which may not seem the greatest, but it beats where they were before).  On a high note, their penalty kill is second in the league.  

Another interesting stat to note with the Habs: If the Canadiens are leading after the first period they are 8-1, if they are leading after the second period they are 10-1 however if they are trailing after one they are 0-5 and if they are trailing after two they are 0-6.

As long as they can score early and Price can continue to shut out the opponents the Canadiens will continue to dominate.

Go Habs Go