“Bad Ice” No Excuse

Have you ever played hockey on a pond or an outdoor rink?

I have.

Let me fill you in on a little secret… no one plays as good on natural ice as they do on an indoor rink.

Not only is it a bumpier, choppier ice surface it is also a lot harder. I can skate for hours in an arena and I’m fine but after half an hour on the pond or backyard rink my back, knees and legs get sore.

Many people thought the Heritage Classic game was boring and slow. I didn’t.

Sure the game itself was a slower pace but there were 76, yes 76, combined shots on net! Miikka Kiprusoff stopped all 39 shots on net while Carey Price turned away 33 of 37 in the loss.

Unfortunately for the bleu-blanc-rouge their game is about speed and when they can’t use that all else fails. That was evident in the 4-0 loss Sunday at McMahon Stadium.

The Canadiens had 2 shots on net less than the Flames yet couldn’t capitalize on a single one of them. That’s been their story all season long unfortunately.

With just 152 goals this season Montreal is fifth worse in the league when it comes to scoring. The only reason they’ve won as many games as they have is Carey Price; the Habs are ninth in the league when it comes to goals against with 151.

So don’t blame the outdoor conditions of the Heritage Classic for their loss. Calgary did play on the same ice, remember.


One thought on ““Bad Ice” No Excuse

  1. You’re right. The Habs didn’t step to the plate and get people to the front of the net to bury the puck. They definitely can’t blame the ice alone for the goose egg they put up on the scoreboard.
    On the other hand, even though both teams played on the same ice, the conditions of that ice made speed and quick passing impossible. They only game that the Canadiens can play. Remember – this is the same team that Montreal managed 5 goals against back in January … on an indoor rink.

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