Round Three Predictions

Round three is underway and surprisingly the two teams in the west most known for choking in the playoffs are the only ones remaining.

I’m not surprised to see Tampa in the conference finals but am very disappointed that the Bruins are still alive.

Boston (3) vs. Tampa (5)

During the season the Bruins won three of four games against the Lightning but that was before Dwayne Roloson went between the pipes.

Tampa Bay has won five straight road games so they will have a definite advantage in the first two games of this round in Boston where the Bruins dropped two in a row against the Montreal Canadiens in round one.  

Again, the Bolts “Big Three” of Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos and Vincent Lecavalier will be dangerous.

Head-to-head both teams have incredible goaltending which is absolutely key this far into the post season. It will come down to which team has the stronger offense to pass these brick walls.

I’m giving this round to Tampa Bay in five.

Vancouver (1) vs. San Jose (2)

In an appropriate, yet surprising, matchup between the best two teams in the west the difference will once again come down to goaltending; one with a Stanley Cup ring, the other an Olympic gold medal.

Neither team has done too hot in the post season in recent memory so they will both be looking for redemption.

I’m still playing the “Luongo is going to choke like he always does” card. He has messed up many times in each round almost costing the Canucks two series (again, he’s not the only one to blame here) so I am expecting this round his errors will do them in.

I’m giving this round to San Jose in seven.

This year the Stanley Cup finals will be between the Bolts and the Sharks. I’m taking Tampa Bay for the Cup. My Canadiens of the south, Go Bolts Go!


3 thoughts on “Round Three Predictions

  1. Interesting thoughts there Mel!

    I guess I’m going to use hindsight from last nights match between the Lightning and Bruins to say this … It’s going to be a tough and long series! I agree that the Bolts will manage to overcome the Bruins, but not before we see seven games.

    Last night, Thomas proved why he’s a Vezina candidate. He’s the main reason that Boston prevailed in a barn burning firestorm. Many will say that Roloson got rocked and showed his age – but in reality – he gave up one more goal than Thomas while facing a huge barrage of sniper fire. But the B’s showed they can take a fast team and force them to play their style of hockey – hard hitting, big body net presence … etc.

    I’m going to gracefully disagree on Vancouver. They have grit that will pull them through in seven as well. I’m not a huge Luongo fan, but I will bet my hat that the Sedin twins with Kesler, and Ehrhoff (plus plus plus) will find a way to get the job done.

    TSN called for a Bruin v Canucks final from the outset. You have SJ v TB. I have TB v Van. I don’t care who’s right – as long as TSN is wrong =)

    • Thanks Iain,

      Ya the five games might not happen (believe me, I’ve been wrong in almost every round for how many games it would take, but picked a lot of series winners, ha ha)

      I’d like to see Vancouver get to the finals, they ARE Canadian but I just don’t think they will. Plus I’ve always kind of had a thing for the Sharks. Cheechoo, Marleau, Damphouse, Thornton throughout the years to name a few…

  2. Those are my predictions as well. I think it will also be better for the NHL of those two teams advance for the simple fact that, they really are not “hockey cities.” i like to think if either team wins the cup, it will be better for that teams market and help the thrashers move to Canada. 😉

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