Journey to the CWHL – Update

Where do I even begin?

It’s been a month and a half since my last post about my journey to the CWHL and I do apologize for that. Apparently it’s pretty time consuming to balance a full-time job, a bonus project, coaching a hockey team, playing hockey once a week, off-ice training and a boyfriend (it’s a good thing I found a healthy one so most our time together is spent hiking/swimming/running or walking).

Those guys in the NHL sure have it easy….getting paid to play hockey or train every single day. Unfortunately I do not have that luxury so I am a slave to the 9-5 routine.

During the past month I have been hitting a skating treadmill once a week at the Skating Lab in North York. If you play hockey and have never heard of a skating treadmill or have never used one for training I would highly recommend doing so! Not only is the cardio workout aspect intense, the 15 minute warm up off the treadmill is all geared towards enhancing speed, agility and quickness. The trainer watches your stride as you skate and corrects your form so you learn how to get the most out of every single stride as well.

After six sessions on the treadmill I am actually noticing a huge difference in my skating…and I was already really fast to begin with. Now I’m realizing it takes even less effort to skate just as hard, if not harder and I am keeping my body lower to the ice surface, putting less stress on my back (which is probably how I hurt myself in the first place).

-Confession time- I have actually thrown up after four of my six sessions. I NEVER throw up from working out. The room itself is pretty warm and I don’t do well in heat, but as I said before it is a very intense workout and apparently I don’t even come close to being the only one to leave throwing up.

Last night in my men’s league I had so much confidence and energy wheeling around guys with the puck. I scored a sweet goal top shelf and added an assist in our 7-2 rout. During the hand shake at the end of the game every single guy on the other team made some sort of compliment about my style of hockey including the goalie who said “wow, you really know how to skate…that was so impressive. Nice goal too by the way, you roofed it! You got me.” I left the ice grinning from ear to ear.

Hearing things like that, especially from guys makes me want to train even harder to make it to the CWHL. A lot of men have a hard time admitting defeat at the hands of a woman on the ice, let alone being happy to play with and against one. It’s definitely a confidence booster.

The nights I’m not on the skating treadmill and not playing hockey I’ve been hitting the gym for group core classes, a pilates inspired core/cardio workout and a leg workout my physiotherapist set me up with which also helps strengthen my back since the injury. I throw an arm workout in twice a week too. With the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with lately I have also spent a lot of time outdoors going for hikes in the ravines in my neighbourhood.

I feel a lot healthier, my muscles are coming back and I’ve actually managed to eat a lot less chocolate than usual. I couldn’t give it all up…I mean, it IS summer – who could resist a scoop of ice cream here or there?

The draft is a month away now and the anticipation is really mounting. I count my blessings every single day as my body keeps healing and allows me to put it through the training I’ve been putting it through to get in the best shape of my life.

Until next time.


2 thoughts on “Journey to the CWHL – Update

  1. Well Mel,

    I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling healthier. I was a bit worried about you there for a while. But (no pu intended) it sounds like you’re making great strides forward.

    Staying fit is a tough job period. Especially as you get older – believe me! But doing what you’re doing is an inspiration to me. I commend you on your focus and energy. Keep it up, because I want to hear that my good friend is playing in the CWHL … and I WILL maintain bragging rights – just so you know 😉

    • Oh believe me, I give bragging rights to all of my twitter pals 🙂 I’ll happily sing autographs/jerseys etc if I make it too. I’ll also expect to see you at a game (because if I make a team, we will have games in Mtl). ha ha. You will be kept up to date, no worries.

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