Crunch Time: One Month to Go

There is officially one month to go before training camp begins! As I write this a smile is creeping across my face and my stomach is doing summersaults between excitement and nervousness.

On the training aspect of things there is not much to report on. I’ve been hard at the gym as often as I can. Lately I’ve been waking up before the sun rises to hit the gym for a run before work followed by my resistance training in the evening after work. I’m usually at the gym once every 12 hours.

I think I may even move my bed to the gym; the girls at the front desk are starting to know me on a first name basis even when I forget to bring my membership!

When my trainer first handed me this second phase of my workout program I thought I was going to faint; what was just 15 minute cardio warm ups followed by resistance training in phase one turned into 40 minute cardio sessions followed by more intense resistance training in phase two. I don’t think I’ve ever ran for 40 minutes straight in my life until now.

The first day I went to the gym to tackle the 1.5 mile run I went with my friend who is training to be a police officer. She told me the police standard is running 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or less and I laughed hysterically and told her I’d see her at the finish line in 30 minutes. When I pushed through the run in less than 15 minutes I was totally impressed with myself, I seriously think I had a grin on my face for the duration of my resistance workout!

The second time I attempted the 1.5 mile run was after taking a week and a half hiatus from the gym for a camping trip. While I didn’t do much exercise on my camping trip (a 2 km run, 4 km walk and some swimming) I managed to cut my time down to less than 13 minutes. My goal is to be under that 12 minute mark tomorrow when I do the run again.

A few weeks ago when I was doing the chest and back day of the program, a guy at the gym stopped his workout and said to me “wow, you’re intense! What are you training for, the Olympics or something?”

Laughing, I said “well actually, kind of!” It was probably one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten.

Aside from feeling amazing, I’ve seen improvements every week. I lift more resistance as each week passes, along with cutting time on my runs. Not to mention I’ve lost a few pounds and my pants are hanging loose.

The coach/GM of the Barracudas recently sent out the home game and practice schedule which already totals over 100 hours of ice time and I shrieked with happiness like a little kid walking into a candy store. We’re still waiting for the full game schedule with our away games which we should receive by training camp at the end of September.

I also found out we’ll be receiving new helmets, gloves and hockey pants; I feel like it’s Christmas morning already!

The training camp schedule has changed slightly too. The camp on September 30 has been cancelled so now I will know by September 25 if I have made the final roster or the reserves.


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