Tebow Time

I just finished reading “Through My Eyes” by NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow.

All I can say is WOW!

His book has been such an inspiration to me in more ways than I can count…and part of the reason I started going back to the gym again.

Before he was even in grade eight he was working out like crazy; his dad wouldn’t let him use weights yet, so he used rubber tubing and his own body weight. He’d do 400 push ups and 400 sit ups a night! Say what?!

I can barely do 30 push ups and I don’t think I’ve even hit 400 push ups in total in my entire life.

His descriptions of his workout regimens and his insane attitude towards making sure he was always the best are just unreal. I can’t believe his body can even put up with the amount of work he’s made it do.

If I wasn’t a girl, and worried about becoming butch looking, I’d totally try some of the intense workouts he did/does.

I think I may give the book a second read and write out the workouts he did and see if I can even half attempt any of them.

The dude is crazy!

Y’all Tebow haters out there can hate him all you want for his over exposure in the media, his unorthodox (or bad if that’s your spin) ways of playing QB, and his in-your-face religion but the man is a true work horse who has put so much dedication and passion into football that he deserves to be in the NFL just as much as the next guy, if not more.

I get it. I watched the playoffs when Tom Brady tied records and threw for more touchdowns in one half than Tebow threw completions. It was ugly (but extremely amazing for Brady).

Tebow is a saint off the field, and I think he can (in my opinion) develop into a (better) NFL QB.

*Cue the hate mail*

By the way; if you haven’t read the book yet I would totally recommend it! 


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